Hells Couture Huge Range Of Kinky Bondage And Fetish

Hells Couture Leather

Hells Couture Makes A Variety Of Leather Collars For Bdsm

Leather products and your leather gear should be reflective of your style and aesthetic. Your gear is an extension of who you are, who you aspire to be and what the image is that you want to project.

Hells Couture and Leather Hoods

Hell's Couture Hellfire Slave Hood And Blindfold

Bondage hoods are one of the more interesting pieces of leather accessories. They have the perception of serving no functional purpose yet they're often stigmatised and often represent the fear that mainstream society has towards Bondage and BDSM.

Latex Clothing and Fetish

Latex and latex wear

Latex clothing is referred to by a variety of names including rubber, PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. There are many people that are seemingly obsessed with flesh and raw carnality is something that has become quite popular within music videos

Hells Couture Restraints

Bondage And Restraints Brought To You By Hells Couture

Bondage is the use of restraints for the sexual pleasure of the party or parties involved. It may be used in its own right, as in the case of rope bondage and breast bondage, or as part of sexual activity or BDSM activity.

Impact toys in BDSM

Whips In Impact Play And BDSM

Whips, paddles, floggers, clappers and canes are generally used to discipline a partner although some in the S&M society use it for self-flagellation. We stock a sexy and extensive range to enhance your private fun and fetishes.

Hells Couture Guide to CBT

Ball crushing

We'll cut to the chase on this one - CBT refers to Cock and Ball torture. Any toy that can be used on the cock and balls can be twisted into a torturous device. CBT toys can therefore be anything from urethral plugs, chastity cages, humblers, ball stretchers and even cock rings.

The Medical Fetish

The Medical Fetish

Medical fetishism is something that fascinates a lot of people. Sure, a lot of might play doctors and nurses when we were little but does this translate into a full blown medical fetish when you get older? Probably not.