Safety And Psychology

Safety And Psychology

Safe And Kinky

Risk Is Involved With All Kink And Bdsm Sexual Activity

BDSM and Kinky play has risks. There's no denying or escaping that fact. In this guide, you're not going to learn about safe sex, nor are you going to be told the risks involved with various activities, this guide is about learning safe strategies to ensure that your activity has consent and understanding.

BDSM Head Spaces

Head Space In Bdsm Is Being In A Particular Frame Of Mind To Allow The Body The Ability To Handle The Activity

If you're new to BDSM you might have heard the term headspace or one of its variations such as sub space, puppy space, drop and other such terms. What does this mean?

BDSM Aftercare

Male Dominant Providing Essential After Care To Submissive Woman

After care is the period of time that occurs after a scene in which there is a period of recovery for the participants and where they will take care of each other's emotional and physical needs.

Guide To Kink Toy Care

Cleaning Your Kink Gear Such As Handcuffs Is Important For Health And Safety

Most BDSM relationships and situations will use toys. BDSM and Kink gear can turn into one serious hobby and here at HellsC we are dedicated to ensuring that your purchases last the distance.

Guide To Cleaning Leather Fetish Gear

Woman In Latex Gear And Role Play Maid Outfit

We play with fetish toys because they're an abundance of fun, however making sure that they're clean and safe can often be a little difficult. We felt that the processes of cleaning your leather and kink toys was important enough that it deserved its own article.