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This site is set up for adults who have attraction to the diverse and slightly off center fashion for unconventional lifestyle choices. Whether it is for entertainment, participation or hardcore enthusiasts. We cater, inform and supply restraints, surgical steel, leather, urethral toys, cock rings, butt plugs and more related items, paraphernalia that certainly make a statement.

It is our aim to make this site as informative as possible and direct you to our nearest stockists. At all times we endorse safe sex practices, consenting sexual actives and play acting between like-minded adults. Novices should enlighten themselves with safe words, safe environments and safe participants when learning the ropes.

Hells Couture is Australia’s number one internet wholesale source for quality BDSM and Surgical Steel Sex Toys. We've been distributing adult products for decades but specializing in BDSM and Fetish Ranges over the past 5 years.  Supplying products for both the kink curious novice to the extreme BDSM player. Our online catalog features thousands of products, including a large selection of bondage restraints, chastity, leather restraints, ball gags, strap-ons, harnesses, penis plugs, cock cages, cock rings, butt plugs and products to help you explore the world of bondage. We are dedicated to providing the best possible equipment to make your fetish fantasies come true.


Feel comfortable doing your fetish and bondage shopping at one of our recommended retail sites or bricks and mortar stores.  Each reseller listed has hells couture premium range of products in their store ready to ship now.  If you cannot find the product you are looking for you can contact us and we will recommend an outlet to you.Hells Couture staff are continually adding new products such as bondage belts, chastity belts, bondage toys and surgical steel sex toys on a weekly basis. Frequent our exclusive wholesaler Xsales to view the new products that are available in Australia now.

We value you so we guarantee you that your emails and contact will be answered and we will assist in finding the right product for you –


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What is Bondage?

Bondageis an activity that uses accessories for restraining or restricting, for the sexual pleasure. There are many forms of bondage including rope bondage, cock & ball bondage, breast bondage, etc. All these are part of sexual activity or BDSM activity.
Many couples incorporate some form of bondage play into sex lives at some point in their relationships. Often bondage games contribute to a significant amount of foreplay, one or other of the parties being cuffed, blindfolded, gagged or hogtied.

The bound or submissive partner's satisfaction is often indicated by writhing, struggling or vocalizations etc. The free or dominant partner may gain erotic pleasure and achieve sexual arousal from being in the dominant situation. The bound partner often achieves sexual arousal from being in a submissive position in the hands of a trusted partner.

Many people that participate in bondage games will add items like whips and floggers to include corporal punishment into their regime.  The may also graduate to more extreme discipline equipment such as hangers, racks, crushers, spreaders and more.  Ultimately the hardest B&D Players will incorporate Fetish Wear such as hoods, Jocks, Braces and Discipline Gear in their Bondage Play.



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Safety rules should always be followed with couples using an agreed oral or visual command to stop.
Safety precautions should include:

  • The use of a "safe word", or some clear way for the subject to indicate genuine distress and a wish to discontinue, temporarily stop or vary the activities of the play.
  • Never leaving a bound person alone.
  • Avoiding positions or restraints which may induce postural asphyxia.
  • Making sure that the subject changes positions at least once an hour (to avoid circulation problems).
  • Making sure that the subject can be released quickly in an emergency.
  • Avoiding restraints which impair breathing. (Gags or hoods which block the mouth can become hazards if the subject vomits or the nose becomes otherwise blocked.)
  • Remaining sober; alcohol and drugs should be avoided.

Bondage used by couples in their homes is often quite different to bondage in a BDSM dungeon, where bondage may be an end in itself with no sexual contact at all and is often combined with infliction of pain.

We work hard to demonstrate our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults. The service we provide is prompt, convenient, discreet and responsive to your needs, whether you're a kinky beginner or an extreme player.


We thank you for allowing hELL'scOUTUREinto your playground.


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