Learning How To Dirty Talk

How To Dirty Talk Without Sounding Like A Tool

Dirty Talk
Talking Dirty

When it comes to bondage and BDSM there are specific Dirty Talk that will enhance the experience, which are outside your normal expressions. Talking is one of those things that might be difficult to change. It’s not as simple as wearing sexy lingerie and pretending to look like someone else. But through the art of talking you have to be someone else.

Consider the idea that your boyfriend wants to be placed in a chastity cage, or dominated. And you’re not a very dominating person.

How can we use the skills that you have and teach you to dirty talk from that?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no easy way to learn how to dirty talk overnight. It’s something that will take practice. And it’s something that is gang to be very specific between you and your sexual partner. What one partner likes, the other might not enjoy. Difficulty is finding the balance between what you can do with your dirty talk. And how to structure that around your partner’s desires and what turns them on.

Passion and Lust

Not all of us are innocent, nor do we need a women’s guide on dating and sexual experiences, some of us just want to have fun in bed. We all want to have a fantastic and amazing night full of passion, lustful adventures. And back breaking sex. Well, for the most part.

When you’ve been together for a while you might have developed into a routine and a specific way of doing things. You know how to turn your partner on and that might be something that you’re used to doing.

Over time it becomes more of a habit and we need to break out of that habit. Learn new tricks and get back into the ball game with some fantastic new moves that will revitalise our sexual careers.

Benefits Of Dirty Talk

Now before we teach you how to properly dirty talk, we need to understand why we dirty talk in the first place. Dirty talking is a powerful tool that you can use that will help in keeping your partner thinking about you.

When you’re using the art of dirty talk in subtle and indirect ways. Your partner is never going to be quite so sure as to what you mean. And from that they will constantly be thinking about you.

Using double meanings, and a slight cheeky smile

Is going to drive your partner crazy.  Just remember though, you’re going to need to follow through with some of them. And then to drive the nail home, remind them that you followed through on what you’d said this morning, or last night.

Dirty talking in this way is incredibly hot, and extremely arousing to your partner when you’re doing it the right way.

When done correctly, dirty talking is a fantastic tool that you and your partner can use to build up sexual tension. By building up sexual tension, you’re going to ensure that the relationship isn’t going to get stale and or boring.

So with all this in mind.

How can you turn dirty talk into a part of your relationship?

Contrary to popular belief, dirty talking is not what you say. But how you say it. Imagine this for a moment, you’re washing the dishes and laughing along with a shared joke. And you smile at your partner with a giant goofy grin. In a squeaky style voice you say ‘I want you so bad right now’ with all the words tumbling out of your mouth in quick succession.

Doesn’t sound so hot does it?

But, if you were washing the dishes, you took one of your fingers and traced it along the back of your partners neck. Leaned in nice and close and with your lips against your partners ears whispered slowly. ‘I want you soooooo bad right now’. Then it’s certainly going to have some kind of effect.

Bondage and BDSM

During bondage and BDSM and bondage role play ideas – there generally needs to be some form of communication.  Communication works in two ways.

  • Firstly to let you’re partner know that you’re enjoying themselves.
  • Secondly as a way to let them know that they’re doing okay and they can continue to do what they’re doing.

Silent sex isn’t that much fun

Unless there’s a particular need to be quiet. If you’re using a luxury vibrator on your partner and you’re not getting much vocal feedback how is that going to make you feel?

When you’re being silent, your partner might not recognise that they’re doing the right thing, or that you desire it to be faster, stronger or harder. Dirty talking in bondage is a great way to vocalise how you’re feeling without necessarily disrupting the flow of the activity.

With this in mind, we have created a couple of lines that you might be inclined to use.
  • I really need you right now.
  • Want you to know that I get so turned on just thinking about the last time that we fucked.
  • I just want to be used by you tonight. Can I be your personal fuck toy?

So, with those beginner lines in mind – how do you deliver them effectively?  If you want your partner shivering and shaking at the knees then you need to be continually thinking about the following ideas.

The Tone

Body Language

Alternate with your tones and find out which one your partner responds well with. Sometimes it might be necessary for a deep and sultry tone in order to build the sexual excitement in your partner. And really make them sense with anticipation. Other times you might need to utilise a more varied tone with a touch of excitement and breathlessness.

It’s important to try and find a tone that’s well within your vocal range.

Be you.

There’ll be a specific tone that you can use without much effort which will go a long way than pretending to be someone that you’re not. You can pretty much make anything sound sexy. Ever been watching a movie and they’re talking about something completely mundane like prostate health. Or something equally as serious and you’ve been turned on?

It has to do with the way you say it and not what you’re actually saying.

The Speed

Speaking slowly is a sure fire way to get the blood pumping and raging. Very few people are turned on by fast speaking. And in this regard, speaking slowly and clearly is almost always far more powerful than speaking in a hurried manner.

Follow Through With Your Body

If you’re telling your partner that they look amazing in that shirt/pants/whatever. But you’re not even looking at them at the time that you’re saying in then it’s very clear to read that your body language is off.

Your mannerism is completely closed off. And your partner is going to be very confused as to whether that it’s something that you mean or not. If you’re maintaining eye contact and incorporating the element of touch in there as well then it’s going to be far more effective than just simply saying it.

Maybe next time, when using this communication tricks, your next sexual adventure is going to be mind-blowing.