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Australia’s biggest and best importer of BDSM and Surgical Steel Sex Toys in Australia.

Do you have a question that requires answer or clarification on  the Hells Couture Range. Our dedicated trained sales staff are available for calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday Sydney time and will happily take your calls. You can also send any queries through this online submission for or email us.

We look forward to any comments you may have on our great products. We would especially like to hear from customers on their feedback that have purchased any of these fine products from our resellers. Any suggestion or complaint are also welcomed as we strive to better our customer service and brand?

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9am-4pm Mon-Fri Sydney Eastern Standard Time

Mail – P.O. Box 3508. RAMSGATE, 2217, NSW, Australia


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    For details of your nearest stockiest of hell’s couture products click on your nearest state. Hells Couture is stocked by the best adult stores in Australia – if your local sex shop or bondage supplier does not stock it – ask for it by name to see the best quality Bondage Apparatus in Australia at best pricing.

    Are you a retailer or on-seller wanting to increase your product range and products or customer that wants to find your nearest Hells Couture stockiest?  If you are we can help you.  Hells Couture supplies tattoo studios, piercing studios, body jewelers shops, adult shops, online stores, sex shops, bondage shops, fetish shops and many more.

    Hells Couture list of Resellers will send customers to your stores.

    If you have an online presence being listed will give you more traffic and sales.  Hells Couture will not sell direct to the public but will refer buyers to this page and give them the choice of location or online presence to make their Hells Couture Purchases.

    Hells Couture Showroom

    Hells Couture is the leading importer

    Of surgical steel sex toys, restraints, chastity and Bondage Gear in Australia.  Many retailers report that their turnover on Hells Couture products per square metre of space is the highest yielding product they stock.

    This is true and consistent when displaying surgical steel and smaller bondage items in showcases as it allows you to show more stock and it is visually appealing to most customers drawing them to that display.

    Hell’s Couture Products

    You will be amazed at how many customers that would generally not offer any feedback will be drawn to your Hells Couture stocked cabinets. And engage in conversation querying what products are for which.  It will be a talking point and draw people into your selling arena by word of mouth.

    Maximize your profits and ask for a platinum pack from our friendly staff who are more than willing to assist you.  This will include the supply of a LED lit glass cabinet and stock to fill it with.  Over a period of weeks you will see that your clientele in this niche area will increase. Most that are into this BDSM scene are not so much worried about price but more about quality.

    Hells Couture Products

    We have a showroom for you to visit by appointment only

    Where you can see the thousands of products that we have available for you in stock now.