Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls: Essential Facts You Need to Know

An irresistible urge to find pleasure and excitement has driven humans to try different things like Japanese silicone sex dolls. One idea that has elicited mixed reactions from the masses is the emergence of sex dolls.  Sex dolls are objects that are meant for enhancing pleasure during sex or masturbation.

Given their resemblance to a real human, most people have found them useful in lacing their sexual experience. Silicone has proven to be an ideal material for molding incredible sex dolls.

A Japanese silicone sex doll found in USB doll for instance, comes with unique features that make them less different from a real human. Here are some useful tips for sex doll owners.

silicone sex dolls
Realistic sex doll

Features of a Japanese Silicone Sex Doll

A Japanese silicone sex doll is designed with multiple features that are tailor-made to meet every expectation.

Here are some of the features.

Joint alloy framework

A sex doll with movable parts is the best option when you are looking for real pleasure. Japanese silicone sex doll is fitted with a joint alloy framework that allows the user to adjust it accordingly. This makes it easy to apply your preferred position without compromising the doll’s efficiency. Joint alloy framework is also resilient. It can withstand significant force without breaking or developing a fault line.

Transplant hair

Their no doubt that the quality of hair plays a critical role in the appearance of a sex doll. Nice looking hair is not only good for the eyes. But it also instrumental in evoking sexual feelings.

A Japanese silicone sex doll is made with carefully transplanted hair that is not prone to falling off or breaking. It will interest you to know that the private parts are also taken care of by being decorated with sexy hair.

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Multiple Heads

How fulfilling is it to have the option of switching the head of a sex doll? A Japanese silicone sex doll comes with one body and several heads that are cute and exceptional. This is critical in dealing with boredom that might arise from being exposed to the same sex doll on a routinely.

Whether you want a round, long, chubby or slim face? It is up to you to choose from the wide variety that a Japanese sex doll offers.

Lifelike Eyes 

No matter how curvy a sex doll might be, it will only be considered attractive if it has beautiful human like eyes.  If you are looking for a sex doll with attractive eyes that can turn you on in the fraction of a second, then look no further.

A USBBdoll Japanese silicone sex doll has lifelike eyes which are nothing less than the real human eyes. Unlike other sex dolls that come with simple eyes. Japanese sex dolls are decorated with lifelike eyes that perfectly matches the implanted eyebrow.

4 layer makeup

With a four layer makeup, a Japanese silicone sex doll will easily confuse you for being a real human. A thick layer of makeup is specially used for this type of sex doll. To ensure that every part appears full and succulent.

Remember that a sex doll with an uneven surface will easily discourage you from having fun when having sex of masturbating.

Why Choose a Japanese Silicone Sex Doll

Having looked at some of the outstanding features of a Japanese sex doll, there is no doubt that it is one of the best options when going for a sex doll.

This is because it is not only made to give you instant pleasure. But that you are always in the mood to experience something new. Since sex and masturbation are supposed to help you explore your sexuality. And have pleasure in the process, it is crucial to have a sex doll that puts you in the mood.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider acquiring your own Japanese sex doll.

Easy to Maintain

Most people are cautious about hygiene. This is especially the case when a sex doll is involved. Considering that a sex doll is an object that you come into direct contact with. You would prefer one that is easy to maintain with minimal effort.

Unlike TPE sex dolls that are prone to smelling because of their high rate of oil separation. Japanese silicone sex dolls are less likely to smell because they are exposed to little or no oil separation.

It is therefore advisable to settle on a Japanese sex doll.

Quality Guarantee

There is a level of confidence that comes with knowing that you are using a quality item or service. It is never easy to determine whether an item or an object is fit for use on your own. This is because most people lack the instruments and systems to qualify an object.

Since nobody wants to expose themselves to health hazards that could turn out to be life threatening, it is important to ensure that you have a quality sex doll. A Japanese silicone sex doll is safe to use because it is certified through a certificate of conformity.

Most Realistic

A sex doll that closely resembles a real human is ideal because it provides maximum pleasure during sex and masturbation.

A typical silicone Japanese sex doll is soft on special parts like the breasts, buttocks and private parts. This serves to make every touch special and close to the real experience. You are therefore assured of a memorable experience if you settle on a Japanese silicone sex doll as your most preferred choice.

Easy to simulate a variety of human postures 

People have different preferences when it comes to sex.  With its joint alloy framework, a Japanese silicon sex doll can be manipulated to assume your most preferred position.

With this flexibility, there is no doubt that will enjoy every second of your sex or masturbation experience. All it takes is knowing how to adjust the different parts so that whatever your preference, a real human posture is achieved.

There is Variety

Nobody wants their freedom of choice to be taken away. Whether it is a child or a full grown person, freedom of choice is a desire that burns in every human heart.

Japanese silicone sex dolls are designed in different shapes and sizes. Different types of Japanese silicone sex dolls include Big boobs sex dolls, mini sex dolls, small breast sex dolls, big booty sex dolls and BBW sex dolls.

A main reason for offering this wide variety is that you end up with a sex doll that meets your taste and preference. Remember that this is an object that you will have for an extended period. So there is need to make a prudent decision.

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