8 Useful Tips For Sex Doll Owners!

If you want to enhance your sex life then sex toys can be a perfect & excellent addition. Here are some tips for sex doll owners and owners of Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls. But if you want to ensure the long life of your sex toys then it is very important to ensure its proper maintenance.

Many people often ask where do I Store my Sex Doll?

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Tips for Sex Doll Owners

When you do not wash your sex toy or use the wrong lube or store it wrongly then it is sure to cause problems. As well as ensure short life of your sex toys, while it can also cause infection to you.

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Tips for Sex Doll Owners

Here are some tips that you need to consider to ensure the long life of your sex toys.

1. After use, always wash your toys

Even if you are using the sex toys for yourself or sharing with your partner, you need to wash your sex toys after every use.

Remember that sex toys that are washed every time after the use has enhanced durability. If you don’t wash the toys after use then the material will surely degrade or become discoloured. In case you store the unwashed toy with other toys then it can infect other toys with bacteria.

2. Ensure that you wash your sex toys before use

When the sex toys are stored in the cupboard then it comes in contact with lint as well as other bacteria. And when you use these sex toys all these things will go inside your body. But if you store your sex toys properly and clean it before using it then it can be great for you.

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3. Select the right soap

It is always suggested to wash your sex dolls by making use of mild, unscented hand or dish soap. You should never make use of soap that comes with an antibacterial option. Antibacterial soaps are a perfect precaution but they will surely leave residue on your toys.

There are many sex toy cleaners available in the market which comes in liquid formula. You just need to spray it on the toy and wipe it off which help in neutralizing all the bacterial and will also not affect the material of your sex toys.

4. What material is your sex doll made up of

In today’s time, sex dolls are made using different types of materials but the two main materials used are porous as well as nonporous. You can easily share nonporous toys with others. Because their surfaces are impassable by bacteria.

Some of the most common nonporous materials are silicone, glass and stainless steel. Porous sex toys are generally made using different materials. Such as hard plastic, elastomer and neoprene. While the porous toys are more absorbent as compared to nonporous ones. You don’t need to guess the material of your sex toy because it is always written on the package of your sex toy.

5. Ways to clean your nonporous sex toys

  • Silicone. Wash your sex toys with soap and water. You can also put the sex toy in boiling water for 10 minutes because it will help in disinfecting it.
  • Glass. Simply wash it with soap & water. But remember that you should not expose it to the extreme temperature.

6. Ways to clean your porous sex toys

Remember that sex toys that are made using porous materials are very sensitive to temperature and also have a high risk of warping. So make sure that you wash it with mild soap and warm water.

7. Ensure that you are using the right lube

Remember that if you are having silicone toys then you should never use silicone or oil-based lubes. Because it will immediately stick to the material and will break down your sex toy. You can use the water-based or hybrid lube and then wash it off later.

8. When you are using porous sex toys, use a condom

In the market, some porous toys can’t be disinfected completely. So it is always advised to use a condom when you are using it with your partner. But if you are making using sex toys for yourself then all you need to do is just wash it after use properly.

These are some of the amazing tips that you need to consider. They will help in ensuring the long life as well as excellent quality of your sex toys.

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