All You Need To Know Guide to CBT: Cock and Ball Toys

We’ll cut to the chase on this guide to CBT which refers to Cock and Ball torture. Any toy that can be used on the cock and balls can be twisted into a torturous device. CBT toys can therefore be anything from urethral plugs, chastity cages, humblers, ball stretchers and even cock rings.

Guide to CBT

Few people truly understand cock and ball torture as the very idea might make them a little faint and light headed. Other people though, might be inclined to get instantly aroused and demanded to be tortured. So why are people into it?

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Masochists Love Pain

They get off on pain and this is commonly why they’re referred to as pain sluts. Thing is that the penis and the surrounded area is full of sensitive nerve endings that are just screaming out to be played with.

Sure, some people like the sensual aspect of this area but there are a number of people that like the idea of pushing their body’s to the limits. Some people like to associate their CBT with other fetishes which may include a fat fetish, bondage. Humiliation fetish, age-play or anything similar.

It’s important to remember the critical aspect of safety

Safe and kinky is our motto. Whilst we understand that pain might be your thing – there’s still important details that you need to pay attention to. One of the primary concerns when it comes to CBT is the level of circulation in your system and genitals.

By increasing pressure there is the danger that such pressure will completely cut off the circulation. This can lead to a host of problems.

What To Look Out For

  • If at any stage you feel numbness, swelling or notice a loss of colour then it’s time to remove all devices.
  • Massage the area with a warm cloth and get the blood flowing again.
  • If pain continues – then you should seek medical advice.
  • Common injuries when engaging with CBT can include cuts, nicks and bruises. They will heal over time.
  • In the meantime it is recommended that you apply some antiseptic creams to avoid infection.
  • Apply an ice pack for any pain to reduce swelling.

With that in mind here are some examples of CBT.

Guide to CBT
Ball Crusher

Ball Crushing

This refers to the act of kicking, kneeing or applying undue pressure to the balls. There are metallic and steel devices which can aid in this and apply pressure through tension coils. And between two sheets of Perspex or other materials. Essentially, what you’re doing is squeezing the balls gradually with the turn of a screw, or a nut. It is up to the players to determine the level of pressure.

Ball Stretching

A ball stretcher is a device which will apply a substantial level of pressure downward onto the balls. It might be through the use of weights. Or it might be through tension and stretching by applying rings to increase the distance between the balls and the shaft.

Urethral Play

This involves the insertion of metallic and silicone objects known as sounds down the urethra. It can be comfortable or pleasurable depending on the size of the tool and the way that it is used. Hells Couture stocks an incredible amount of urethral stimulation tools and toys that can be used for this very purpose.

Most useful would be Hell’s Couture urethral sounding kits where you can pick and choose the size that most appeals to you on a particular day.

These are only three of the more common types of play with other CBT activities including electro-stimulation, Ballbusting, needle play and genital spanking.

Toys Used In CBT

A chastity cage is a device which encloses the male genitals to prevent stimulation and erection. It can be used solo or in conjunction with a sexual partner. Modern plastic chastity cages are almost exclusively used as a sex aid and in BDSM play.

Most chastity cages have two parts.

  • A ring seated around the base of the penis behind the scrotum and a capped tube, into which the flaccid penis is inserted.
  • Tube is perforated to allow fluids to drain easily. Some designs have a curved or angled tube to make erections uncomfortable. These two parts mate together on hinges or pins and are held fast with a padlock. Holding the testicles in a gap close enough to prevent the penis from being pulled out.
Torture device for bdsm
Ball And Cock Torture Device


A humbler is an interesting device that sits behind the legs and pulls the balls with it.  Any attempt to escape from the position of kneeling down will place incredible amounts of pressure on the balls.

If you’re looking for something simple as well as sadistic then this should be your weapon of choice.  Middle of the humbler will have a testicle cuff that will hold the balls in place and prevent them from being removed from the device. Once on, the humbler forces a submissive to remain in a kneeling position with their legs folded forward.

They’re not going anywhere.

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