Why Wear Leather Hoods in BDSM? Best BDSM Accessories

Leather Hoods are one of the more interesting pieces of the best bdsm accessories. They have the perception of serving no functional purpose yet they’re often stigmatised. Often represent the fear that mainstream society has towards Bondage and BDSM.

In a way it makes sense, masks and hoods have long been associated with crime, punishment. And the infliction of fear yet this is precisely what makes them functional within BDSM.

Leather Hoods And Bondage

Hoods instill fear and mystery. Take a look at any arch nemesis in popular culture and you’ll notice that they represent masks. Hiding of the face of foes and enemies in action, science fiction and horror films. An inability to see the face creates an element of fear and mystery.

This article will explore the bondage hoods that Hell’s Couture make. We’ll explore what bondage hoods and masks are and how to incorporate them into your BDSM play sessions and why people enjoy using hoods.

We’ll start with the basics

What exactly are bondage hoods? It’s actually an accessory used in BDSM play. And it will generally cover the area from your neck to the top of the head. This is only a loose definition as there are many different styles of hoods.

Leather Hoods
Bondage Hoods

What Kinds Of Styles Of Hoods Are There?

As mentioned, there are a large variety of bondage hoods with the purpose of each one creating a different and unique experience. In this regard, one of the more basic hoods might be something that covers your neck, the back and top of your head. Whilst leaving your face exposed, or it might be a plain material that covers the entirety of your head.

There are hoods with various restrictions that are in between those two styles.

Some might cover the mouth but will have eye holes for sight, or they might cover the eyes and leave the mouth visible and accessible. Purpose of the hood is to restrict or diminish functions of the body to make the experience more pleasurable.

Rather than simply attaching a blindfold to remove the sense of sight, the hood will not only remove the sense of sight. But be a constant reminder that the sense of sight has been removed due to the closeness and tightness of the hood itself.

Other bondage hoods might have padding around the ears to also diminish the sense of hearing. Hoods, in this way, through the design, material, and what it covers can therefore serve multiple purposes and functions.

Materials Used In Bondage Hoods

These will also vary, with each material having unique advantages and disadvantages. Most popular form of hoods are those made of leather. Leather is pretty easy to clean and it is generally soft, supple and will move.

Though, leather hoods will generally be much thicker than other styles and will often be found to more confining. They’re also less form fitting in comparison to other hoods.

Latex and Lycra are both form fitting hoods.

They’re stretchy, thin and exceptionally light weight. When considering a hood, make sure that you examine the materials used. Try to find something that best fits your needs and purpose.

Why People Use Hoods

Hoods can be very enjoyable for the people that use them, but why?

Well, we’ve mentioned earlier in this site that one of the main aspects of BDSM is the aesthetics.  Aesthetics of hoods for some people can be a major turn on. It also creates a sense of mystery through the removal of facial features.

For this reason it can often be attributed to the dehumanisation of submissives. Alows a dominant to more easily perform their role because the hood makes it easier to objectify a sub.  You can’t recognise them, except for the hood that they’re wearing. This means that they’re no longer associated with their name.

When used on dominants, hoods can create a sense of awe and fear.

Again through the lack of recognition of their facial features there is a sense of mystery that is inspired within those looking at the mask.

Bondage hoods in this way are used to create unique experiences surrounding aesthetics. But there’s more to it than that. Hoods can also let you feel that your head is in bondage as well. And they can really alter the headspace of a submissive or a dominant.

They can do this through diminishing the responsiveness of the senses through the lack of sight and hearing. Which will force you to focus on other senses including the sense of touch.

Some hoods will have a mouth cover

Which can be used to quieten a submissive through the use of a mouth gag, others might have padded ears. As you can see the reasons for wearing a specific hood will vary across people and play sessions, but they will all centre around having the same style of mentality as being restrained within bondage.

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Bondage Hood Safety

As with any BDSM toy, there are elements of risk with bondage hoods. One of the main concerns that revolve around the wearing of bondage hoods is the ability to maintain the possibility of speech.

And not restricting the airways and breathing. Remember, if you’re going to be restricting someone’s mouth with a ball gag or something similar you’re also restricting their access to a safe word.

Safe Words When You Can’t Speak

In such situations you will need to have other variations of safe words which could include a particular body movement. Or one of the more popular ones, tapping with a finger, hand or both hands.

Restricting their mouth is also going to make it much harder for them to breathe. So you will need to be continually checking back in with them to ensure that they’re still okay.

Another danger is that some people can get a little claustrophobic. This needs to be kept in mind.

Hooding someone can be a very intense experience.

So make sure that you or your partner know how to quickly remove the hood in the event of an emergency.

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