Male M Hook Up With Female S: Your Essential Guide

You can find the master you like without having to go through a lot of battles if you regard S and M hook up matching is a game. More so in the BDSM community. A male M looking for the female S who he really likes can be difficult.

On the one hand, because female S numbers are relatively small. And on the other hand, the literacy and quality of the male M itself is challenged.  There is no way to hookup if you are unable to communicate effectively.

S & M Hook Up

How difficult could it be? This has resulted in a male M being able to find a reliable female S. And then select suitable individuals from the reliable individuals. Then start a sadomasochistic relationship of mutual companionship and growth. Just like “one million people crowding single wooden bridge”.

It is so difficult that you often want to give up, and even consider leaving the community.

hook up
Male M and Female S

I’m just the same as you.

As a male M, I experienced various difficulties in the process of finding a Master. I never knew how to attract the attention of a female S. To having a good chat with an S online but was suddenly blacked out. And then I met a suitable female S.

But because of the separation in a different cities, until now I finally own an SM relationship with a girl. My story can be told for three days and three nights, which is very bitter to recall that journey.

Therefore, in this article, I decided to share my own bdsm experience as a guide for hooking up with female S.  Of course, everyone’s experience is different.  My suggestions are not completely useful. I only hope to provide some help to the majority of male M when they can refer to them.

1. First Clarify Your Needs

If you are a male M and currently want to find a female S, then you can start thinking based on the following ideas. Prepare a serious self-introduction.

First of all, before looking for S, you need to be clear about your hobbies. So that you can find suitable individuals according to your needs from the vast crowd. If you just search and send mass texting messages to all female S on your APP. You will actually get no response.

Regarding your hobbies.

You can choose to do some tests related to sadomasochism. There will be a variety of different training methods. And the degree to which you can accept them. After filling out, you will know which BDSM behaviors you like.

Such as foot fetish, fetish or love pain, etc., thus forming a direction for self-exploration and experimentation.

In addition to sadomasochistic practice.

You also need to consider what kind of relationship you have established with the other party after you find S. Such as non-interference with each other’s privacy, or occasional online chat. Or offline intimate interaction for a long time. It requires you to think carefully before you can predict the future development of S.

Save against a rainy day, which will save you a lot of potential problems.

  • Example One

Hello, I am 47. Please allow me to introduce myself to you first. I am a teacher with a height of 175 and a weight of 70 kg. Currently based in Beijing.

I am a pain-addicted M. When I was young, I saw that in the TV series “The Deer and The Cauldron”. Wei Xiaobao and Princess Jianning had a relationship similar to BDSM.  Scene of “burning vines and armor” in the play made me very excited. After I arrived at university, I joined some online chat groups. Bought whips, boards and other props, and started my own exploration.

Since then, I have determined my M tendency

Now I hope to find a female S who meets once a week in the same place. Even if I don’t train, I also hope to hang out with S in my free time.

Before sending out the message, I saw the views you shared on social platforms. Such as many female M being sexually harassed and their attention to other public issues in society. I was very surprised and I learned a lot of new information and felt very useful. Therefore, I decided to take the initiative to DM you.

Hoping to get to know you and become friends.

Secondly, when you have finished writing about your love for sadomasochism and your expectations for your relationship. Then the next step is to be honest about your past practical experience. If not, just write clearly. So, whether it is the props you have tried or the relationship with that S, you need to write your own feelings.

After all, many female S have experience is an important consideration when assessing suitable M.

cock and ball toys
  • Example Two

I once had a short-term appointment with two female S. The first female S is currently married and was my “mentor” when I first started contacting BDSM. She introduced me to many props for playing Spanking and some creative ways to play. The second one is the female S who has already studied abroad.

She likes the role of a housekeeping slave, so when I was beaten by her, I was trembling to complete the housework. Thinking of them now, I am still very grateful for them to accompany me. They have enjoyed a short but happy period of time with each other.

Third, after sharing your views on sadomasochism.

You can also express your hobbies and show your strengths. If you are currently working out, you can send some photos showing your good figure to the other party. So, if you are a movie-goer, you can also share the best movies and movie experience with the other party.

  • Example Three

I like to watch documentaries, especially those closely related to social issues, such as “The Shaky World” and “Live Door”. Which allows me to understand the living conditions of a small number of people. As well as some important topics that are seldom paid attention to by the public. I also like to go to art exhibitions. When I’m bored, I will go to 798 to browse various styles of paintings. Currently I am also learning oil painting with my teacher.

After all, sadomasochism is only part of the topic of communication

Between you and S, and other topics are still needed to attract their attention. If you can show your own humor and know the boundaries of interaction with others. Then you can dispel the doubts of female S and let them consider further contact and development with you.

For example, some men like to experience prostate orgasm rather than comfort of phallic. And bisexual male M likes to be pulled out and inserted.

He is willing to be a bent-over boyfriend.

But he is too shy to say it out of self-esteem. In fact, this not only makes you unable to feel the pleasure of sexual experience. But also makes you lose an opportunity to further explore each other’s body and boundary with female S. She can accept BDSM, what else she can’t?

Take this anal plug, let your Master with the help of tools to pleasure you, in addition to the pleasure of sadistic love. And prostate stimulation, you may forget everything in the world but only enjoy the BDSM pleasure.

2. How To Find A Suitable Female S From Social Platforms

Up to now, the topic of BDSM will still be considered by the public to be related to pornography. Therefore, it is very difficult to find female S, whether online or offline. You can follow the following methods, which may increase the success rate.

If you enter BDSM keywords directly on social platforms

It may be difficult to find. So you may have to use some replacement words, such as Lady Shi (homonym of S), male Mark (homonym of M), 5M (5 and s similar), etc., to find relevant Whatsapp, Facebook groups, etc., and then enter the community , then meet other friends.

Regardless of the dating platform, after registering, you have to start screening according to your needs. If you want to find a female S who is trained offline, then narrow the scope to the city where you live. Or take the high-speed rail or train. Then you can easily reach the surrounding areas. Follow the prompts on the software to search for the location Distance, view female S from near to far.

After that, you need to click on the female S who is closer to you.

You can see their introduction, dynamics or photos, as well as their shared views, favorite sadomasochistic styles, and requirements for M.

3. Dating Introduction

Don’t look at anything, just send your introduction group to the female S you selected initially. Never!

This may seem to you to be a more efficient way to make friends, but to the other person, it is very disrespectful. This method is very easy to cause some of the questions you ask her in the follow-up chat, such as the experience of BDSM.

Wait, she has clearly written in the profile or BIO in great detail.” Once this happens, the other party will immediately feel that you are insincere, and rush to tease her without even reading the profile.

bondage play
ropes and bondage

Believe me, after this, the probability of you being blocked is at least 90%.

Correct way to do this is to take this intimate relationship seriously, carefully read the news that the female S you are interested in has posted. And then evaluate whether you can accept their requirements, such as a couple + BDSM, or only BDSM.

Falling in love, or there are some other requirements, such as hobby matching, or the age difference is not more than how old and so on.

4. Self Introduction

When you are sure that you meet her criteria, do the self-introduction mentioned above. Otherwise, no matter how many people you introduce yourself, you will be beaten back and your self-esteem will be frustrated. This process is actually very much like doing a sales job. Knowing what the other party wants can better promote yourself. A homework that requires talent.

You have to be careful of fake female S.

Because in the community, there are men who are males are posing as females and sell socks or underwear online until they are dismantled. And then they emptied the false transaction information in angrily. So next, you have to screen these “fake girls”.

For example, when you see a photo or video sent by female S, you can see if the other party is showing her face. If she does not show her face, the authenticity will be reduced. Even if she shows her face, you can use a search engine to identify the picture, if it is found to be a pirated picture.

Then it can be judged that this female S is providing false information.

For another example, even if there is no problem with the photo, you should pay attention to the situation where the other party asks you for money during the chat. For example, she will say that you need to invite you to dinner today, or want to buy a piece of clothing. Even if the amount she proposed is not very large, it is very likely that after receiving the payment, you will be quickly blacked out.

Even if you are eager to find a suitable female S

Don’t forget to be vigilant and guard against others. After all, according to my experience, the most deceived group is the male M.

In fact, in addition to the initiative to find female S, you can also seduce. A friend told me that after he put this Detachable Bullet Vibrator on his instagram, seven or eight women came to DM him and asked if they wanted to play BDSM games together.

Learn to use hashtag on Instagram and wait for your beautiful fish.

5. How To Establish An Intimate Bond With Your Favorite Female S?

When you are ready to introduce yourself and find your favorite female S. Then the next step is how to communicate and establish an intimate bond.

First of all, in addition to sending your self-introduction to the female S you like, you should also mention your impressions of her. And consider what you express with your heart.

Write a paragraph sincerely, express your admiration to her, and learn how to lick dogs, such as “It’s really an honor to know you”. The chatting experience between the two parties quickly improves, and the personal test is effective.

You should not leave too many comments and likes

On the social platforms of different female S, it is best to just private DM. Even if you and some female S are just friends, you will still be mistaken by your favorite female S as “random chatting” (of course, there is no denying that there is a male M with such a mentality).

Therefore, if you are really sure about a female S you like, you can cancel the attention to other female S and leave the only one.

As a male M, no matter how much you desire an S, do not directly call a strange girl the “master”, or say that you are her dog. Because you are strangers after all, not all girls will get along in this way before establishing a relationship, and they will even feel very uncomfortable and resist continuing to talk with you.

male m
Female Domination

6. Don’t Send Pictures

You should never ask the other party if you can make an appointment in a sexually harassing tone, or send pictures of genital organs and nude body directly. This is not only a very rude behavior; but you may also be reported and blocked, causing unnecessary distress.

Outside of BDSM, everyone is a living person. When you start chatting, you only need to get to know and get along in a normal way of respecting each other.

Be Respectful

Considering that if you post a self-introduction, there may not necessarily be the possibility of replying. You need to show your best attitude, such as “it is an honor to have a chance to meet you”, etc., so that the other person feels even If it is inappropriate, we will respond politely to you.

But generally if there is no reply after three days, you will be rejected and you can find another one.

If you are explicitly rejected, don’t get frustrated. It’s difficult to get closer to being a stranger. Being rejected and blocked are common experiences. Please don’t be rejected. Further inquire the other party’s contact information such as WeChat, and even swear that the other party owes you and so on.

This will only give you a unique evaluation: this person really has no taste and shameless.

7. Introduce More Information

In the process of communication, the other party will introduce more of their own information. Then you can judge based on this, such as whether she meets your expectations, whether they are suitable for each other, and whether there is a possibility of future development.

But no matter whether it is appropriate or not, you should be friendly and sincerely communicate with each other. It is possible to become friends or develop other relationships or even help when you encounter difficulties in life.

For example, a female S from the same city I was looking for, although she was not together in the end, because she was working in a hospital, one time when I encountered difficulties, she helped me introduce a reliable doctor. As the saying goes, “multiple “Friends have multiple paths” means this. And this Hitachi Magic Wand is also popular in BDSM game, you could bring one in your bag.

8. What Should Be Paid Attention To In Offline Practice?

If you are lucky, you and female S have a good chat online, and then decide to practice offline, then you have to pay attention to some things.

If you spend a lot of time communicating online before you practice offline, then you may consider safety risks when you are offline. For example, girls are afraid of sudden sexual assault by boys, and boys are afraid of girls’ fairy jumping. It is actually difficult for two strangers to trust each other unreservedly from online to offline.

Meet Face to Face

Therefore, I suggest that before starting the real practice, it is best for you to arrange an opportunity to get along alone in a public place that does not involve BDSM.

For example, you can eat together, watch a movie together, go to an exhibition together, watch a drama and so on. After two or three such meetings, you can learn more about each other and confirm whether each other is suitable.

Meet In A Public Place

After meeting, you successfully entered the process of development, you must not neglect this female S who is pursuing. In my past experience, I had an appointment with a female S.

But because of something suddenly happened that day, I was late and didn’t tell her, and then she deleted and blocked me. This matter also gave me a reminder, that is, we must pay attention to the female S I like.

In addition to getting along

When you practice, you must be clear about your acceptance level. If you feel uncomfortable, please don’t force yourself to endure it. You meet an experienced female S, you need to communicate with her and what happens next. Even if you meet an inexperienced woman, you need to guide her to prepare for an potential accident.

If you and the female S are playing rope or other practices

Your body is restricted in behavior, please make sure that the other person will not leave you in advance. Even if you want to experience the fear alone. Then you must confirm with her, in what time frame will you be loosened. Let you be free, and avoid bad embarrassment for your body.

When you are offline, ask her if she is willing to wear face pocket pussy for oral sex. If you get the answer yes, you will be get unforgettable experience because this is the so-called oral sex and vaginal enjoyment.

Bottom Line

Finally, I also want to tell everyone that finding the right person is a long hard way.

In this process, you have encountered stumbling and stumbling. It is fortunate to meet good people, and it is common to meet bad people. But I think the only important thing is that even if the world is turbulent no matter how bad it is, don’t follow the trend and become a sinister person.

This way Only then have the opportunity to wait until they also stick to the sincere she or he in the waves.

Good luck.

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