9 Sexual Fetishes You Never Thought Were So Common

BDSM are typically defined as behaviors that are necessary in order to arouse and here are 9 Sexual Fetishes. As well as describing the sensation of sexual arousal, fetishes can be used to describe the combination of sexual arousal with a typically non-sexual object. “Fetish” and “Kink” words are often used interchangeably.

But a kink is a behavior or sexual activity that goes beyond the “normal” standards of sex. Such as the use of balloons or handcuffs.

A bondage fetish may be the kink of someone. Their entire sexuality may revolve around restraints…or they may have a kink for bondage. A lot of homosexuals o  are into it and they may be extremely excited when they’re tied up. By contrast, something that arouses a person may be a turn-on. A bondage fetish can be one of the easy ways to spice up your love life.

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9 Sexual Fetishes

1. Role-Playing

Playing make-believe doesn’t have to end when you get older. In bsdm role play you act out one or more sexual fantasies with your beloved. As a one-time fantasy or on an ongoing basis. It is not only a way of acting out fantasies in a healthy way. You can check it out on free porn cams.

9 sexual fetishes
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2. Impact Play

This term impact play refers to various consensual acts of punishment such as spanking, flogging, and paddling.  Spanking is often a simple and safe introduction to BDSM paves the way for further exploration. For instance, the purchase of a crop to be used together. You can use impact play to slap someone on the bum or crack a whip at them.

3. Anal Sex

Having an anal fetish isn’t necessary for anal sex to be enjoyable. But many people enjoy it specifically because of the anal material. During anal play, one can do anything. From adding a finger to penetration to using butt plugs to using a dildo or a penis.

4. Foot Fetish

By means of massage, kissing, and smelling feet, foot fetishes are worshipped. This new sex experience may be initially alarming. But you can use it to explore a devoted new area of your relationship.

bondage play fantasies
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5. Lingerie

Sexy underwear is enjoyed by many people. But lingerie has the effect of becoming a fetish when individuals are dependent on it.

6. Group Sex

When two or more people have sex together, it is considered group sex. It is common knowledge that many couples swipe on Tinder to find a third person. But group sex can mean much more than just three.

7. Sensation Play

Depending on the stimuli received and withheld, sensation play can include a large number of activities.  If you want to make your partner feel something, you can tickle him or her too. Or even bite them. Playing with impact can sometimes be considered sensational play.

8. Orgasm Control

A major component of BDSM is orgasm control, which involves a submission element. As an example of orgasm control, it would be the practice of bringing the submissive partner to the point of climax. And then forcing him or her to stop. Which is often done repeatedly.

9. Bondage

This  is the act of restraint between two partners. A well-developed BDSM program falls under this kind of submission and dominance. If you don’t have handcuffs, you could use the belt you already own or purchase a special kink item.

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