A Complete Guide For Couples Meeting Other Couples: Swinging Success

Swinging’ is a term rarely spoken about and certainly not by the Couples on Ashley Madison. But for the curious couple it can be a great way to spice up the bedroom and bring new life into the relationship. Sure, it might seem like a crazy concept – introducing another couple into your relationship and getting down and dirty with them. Not to mention watching someone else indulging themselves in your partner.

Well, when done right by following some simple rules and guidelines, couples can actually benefit by meeting other couples on platforms like Ashley Madison. If you and your partner are considering swinging and not quite sure where to start to do it right, follow our simple guide to success.

Understand Swinging and What it Entails

Before you embark on a new and exciting sexual journey, you have to completely understand the concept of swinging first. Swinging couples have open relationships. As a couple, they perform sexual acts on other couples. They can either choose one specific couple to enjoy steamy acts with or have various different partners.

Even though this might seem like a taboo way of living, some online dating sites actually promote swinging. They are rated extremely high by couples who are either beginner swingers or experts in the department. You might wonder why they are rated so high. Well in the current day and age, many people are looking for some side action. Some easy ways to spice up your love life in an otherwise boring existence.

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Swinging couples

Discuss the Topic

If you want to have sex with someone else, but don’t necessarily want to do it behind your partner’s back. Then you should discuss the topic of having an open relationship and introducing another couple into the bedroom.

In many cases, one partner is keener to give it a try than the other. It’s important that both of you understand completely what your expectations of the experience will be.

Neither one of you should feel rushed or pressured into the act. Swinging isn’t a last-minute decision when the wine is flowing and a couple suggests you engage in sex. It’s a topic that should be pre-discussed and thought of carefully.

Opening up your relationship to another couple is a big deal and it should be treated as such.

Have a Game Plan

For those curious couples who want to engage in nonexclusive sexual experiences, there are many online dating sites available that allow couples to meet other couples. It will be wise to have some sort of game plan too. Just like you would date when you are single, you should definitely work together as a team to find a couple that tickles your fancy.

Once you’ve met a couple that you are into, you should have some sort of game plan set in place. Will you take them out to dinner first? Or immediately jump into bed at the nearest hotel? Do you want to meet them at a coffee shop to see how you connect and discuss the topic? Or grab a bottle of wine and let the kissing commence?

First Time Meeting Another Couple?

If it’s your first time meeting with another couple, it will be wise to have some sort of game plan when sexy action is introduced. To enhance the experience (and not let anyone feel left out), you can try some of these foursome sex positions.

Remember that there is no rush. It’s best that you approach swinging with caution and slight hesitation.

Set Rules and Boundaries

At the end of the day your relationship should always be priority. This means trusting each other’s opinions and boundaries. Before engaging in a steamy meet up, the two of you should discuss clear boundaries. Respecting each other’s needs and boundaries will ensure that the open relationship doesn’t end up in jealousy and resentment.

When it comes to meeting another couple, neither one of the partners should compromise. In this situation it’s all about respect and understanding. You shouldn’t push the boundaries just because you want something that your partner isn’t comfortable with.

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Re-evaluate boundaries and rules.

Constantly redefining what you are comfortable and not comfortable with, will allow both of you to enjoy the process even more.

Before engaging in a group rendezvous, it’s important that you have a deep conversation about any rules and regulations you want to incorporate. One of the first things that should be present in your relationship before you can have a successful swinging session is to have complete trust in each other.  Read this article on how to have a successful open relationship.

Open Communication and Trust

Both partners should have the willingness to listen as well as feel comfortable in approaching their partner with any issues. No matter how difficult the topic is, you should always respect your partner’s feelings and views.

One of the biggest reasons why couples reach success while meeting others is because they hide nothing. There is nothing that they can’t discuss and nothing that they wouldn’t say.

Your Sexual Experience

Talking about your sexual experience with your partner while it’s only the two of you can actually strengthen your bond. If you ignore the process and not talk about it, jealousy can quickly emerge. And jealousy can turn ugly really quickly. When you have to guess what is going on in your partner’s mind, trust can easily be broken.

It’s therefore extremely important that you keep communication open and talk about anything that might worry you.

Many reasons why couples engage in sexual relations with others is to bring a spark back into the bedroom and experience something different together. It should never be because you don’t love your partner anymore or that you want to pursue another romantic relationship.

Ask Around and Do Some Research

If you are still a bit unsure about how the process will work, you can ask advice from other couples who have introduced another couple into the bedroom. Going off of other’s experiences will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Don’t neglect to practice safe sex

Use contraception to avoid contracting STDs. It will be wise to ask other couples about how they practice safe sex, especially when swinging with multiple couples.

Adopting the swingers’ lifestyle can be a lot of fun.

It can bring back the sexual tension between a couple as well as heighten attraction. Discussing the topic in detail to make sure that both of you are on the same page is extremely important. Before you kick back and enjoy the ride, make sure that your intentions and expectations of the experience is clear.

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