How To Clean Your BDSM Sex Toys: Kink Toy Care

Most BDSM relationships and situations will use toys and you need to have Kink Toy Care. BDSM and Kink gear can turn into one serious hobby and there are proven benefits of bdsm in relationships. Here at HellsC we are dedicated to ensuring that your purchases last the distance.

For that reason, we have constructed a care guide to ensure that you’re looking after your toys, and getting the most mileage out of them.

How To Clean Your Sex Toys

Now when you consider BDSM and Kink toys, you might have a few of them. You might have an entire chest full of them. They might be hidden in a wardrobe or they might encompass an entire room full.

As you grow, and learn more about BDSM you might find your collection to be growing. Making sure that they are clean, and well maintained is an important aspect in extending their life expectancy.

By following these guidelines, you’re going to be in the best position to ensure that your beloved toys are going to last.

Kink Toy Care
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Why Worry About Cleaning Sex Toys?

Main reasons that you want to keep your toys clean is to prevent infections and other bacteria from getting into the system.

When you’re playing with people you do not want to transfer bodily fluids from one individual to another. As toys can absorb or carry STI’s and other illnesses. It’s just bad form. If there is bacteria or diseases present on the toy. And then introduced to a new person than the organisms can be easily transferred. Resulting in the infection of another person.

For this reason you must keep your toys clean and safe. Even if you only use them on the same person, it’s just that much better. Similar to how you wouldn’t want to be continually using a dirty towel or bedsheets over and over again.

Added Benefit of Cleaning Sex Toys

is that cleaning your toys will not only ensure that they’re looking good. But that their lifespan is also going to be increased. It is also important to note that some toy materials cannot be sufficiently cleaned to permit them to be used on other people. Such toys should be considered to be disposable and or used only on one person.

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How Do I Clean My Sex Toys?

Now there’s no need to panic after mentioning diseases, illnesses and STI’s, because even the most dangerous of bacteria can be very easy to kill when they’re not inside the human body.

For the most part soap and water, and a bristled brush or scrubbing action will be enough to kill the majority of bacteria.  But with the presence of many infectious and dangerous diseases, it’s highly recommended that a medium level disinfectant be used to clean and essentially sterilise your toys.

Most important factor to consider when cleaning toys is to ensure that all the bodily fluids are removed from the surface of the toy. For some materials this is relatively easy. But when you’re considering toys made of wood, leather and electric toys the processes can be a little more difficult.

Clean The Sex Furniture

One thing that people often forget is to clean the furniture. Antibacterial wipes are important for cleaning furniture and equipment, especially when at a public or private play area.

Before using any kind of toy, and this is regardless of whether it is in a play session or not. Then it is considered important that you inspect your toys before using.  You will need to ensure that there are no cracks, blemishes or other marks which could indicate that it may damage the delicate tissue. That it will break during play, or that it may harbor bacteria.

With that in mind let’s go through some of the cleaning methods that you’re going to use with your kink, fetish gear.

Glass and ceramic Toys

Cleaning Glass And Ceramic Sex Toys

Glass, ceramic and wood kink gear is generally considered to be a non-porous material.

In this situation you are a wipe-down method will usually suffice. Owing to the nature of the glass and ceramic they must be inspected every time that you’re using them. As glass and ceramic might have chips, nicks or other issues. If there are marks found discontinue using the toy and throw it out, replacing it at the earliest possible convenience.

Though some manufacturers will sometimes recommend it, we will advise you to not expose your ceramic or glass toys to boiling water for sterilization. The reason being is that not all glass and ceramic toys are the same

Some glass toys are actually made of a weaker glass.

This does not mean that it is going to shatter in your body but there is a potential for it to break when dropped or exposed to sudden changes of temperatures. It is still perfectly safe to use within the body under normal uses.

If you’re confident with boiling the toy, add a small hand towel to the bottom of the pot when boiling to protect the toy from bumping into the sides of the pot. You can also get specialty pot inserts to do this for you as well.

Cleaning Your Wood Sex Toy

Most of the wood sex toys are finished in a body-safe polyurethane or lacquer that will protect the toy and you. Note that some people wooden sex toys might only be covered in a coat or two of wax or oil. For these toys note that your toy is only temporarily waterproof and non porous.

Carefully inspect these ones before and after each use.

Check with the manufacturer or person that you received it from on the specific care instructions for that toy. If it says a ‘natural finish’ usually this will mean that it has been coated in a wax or oil. And this protection will rub off over a couple of uses as a result of the contact with bodily fluids and washing.

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Cleaning Your Metal Toys

Metal is a nonporous material. You’ll be pretty safe with any method that you choose. Metal is perfectly fine to clean in a boiling pot. As well as putting on the top shelf of a dishwasher.

Boiling is generally the preferred method for cleaning metal sex toys, just make sure that they’re not directly touching the bottom of the pot. Just be sure to remember that it is metal. Metal has the amazing property of being able to retain heat very well.

Ensure that it is given a chance to cool before handling it.

When cleaning metal sex toys, don’t use any abrasive materials such as a metal scrubbing brush, or abrasive cleaners.

Bleach solutions are only recommended for quality stainless steel pieces. And only for a 10% few minutes’ worth of soaking. Following this the toy must be washed. Do not leave any traces of bleach on the toy as it can corrode the metal.

Stainless steel should never have any rough patches on the surface. It also will not have a mirror image like the surface of a chrome toy. Stainless steel will be slightly dulled.

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