Tried and Tested Ways For Cleaning Leather Fetish Gear

We play with fetish toys because they’re an abundance of fun. BDSM and fetish play is more than just sexual pleasure. But making sure that they’re clean and safe can often be a little difficult. We felt that the process of cleaning your leather and kink toys was important enough that it deserved its article. If you’re looking for how to clean other toys, check out our other guide on cleaning sexual aides.  Read on for a guide to cleaning leather fetish gear. 

Leather and fetish toys can be costly

Getting custom made stuff can make it quite expensive. Especially when you’re dealing with surgical grade steel toys for medical play. An aspect that some people forget when it comes to BDSM gear and toys. And something that HellsC completely understands, is that your toys are not just your possessions.

They’re an extension of you and who you are as without your gear with you its just different. So with that in mind HellsC has created a how to guide on keeping your kink gear clean and in top shape.

leather fetish gear
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Leather Notes

So, leather and leather accessories are very commonly used within the BDSM world. But before using them one should take in mind some very important factors.

Although it is rare, some people with sensitive skin might have issues with some leather products. It’s not necessarily an allergy. There is a chemical that is used within the processing and curing of leather called chromium which can be responsible for contact dermatitis.

Always ask about skin allergies when working with someone. Be especially careful if they identify that they have sensitive skin, skin allergies. Or have had dermatitis in the past.

Best Ways For Cleaning Leather Fetish Gear

Leather is a porous material. ecause of this sex toys made from leather such as whips, chastity belts, and clothing can often be difficult to clean.

Cleaning of leather is important for several reasons. Not only will it prolong the  life of the leather. But cleaning it will also aid in the removal of smells and odours from your beloved pieces. Nothing is worse than putting some cuffs on an individual and being assaulted by the smell of poorly cleaned leather.

Not only is it a turn-off. But if the person you are playing with cannot be bothered with cleaning their leather. And thus do not have an attention to detail.  Can you really feel comfortable playing with them?

Products for Cleaning Leather

Most of your bondage and fetish gear will be happily cleaned by soap and warm water. Although when cleaning leather toys they will generally need additional cleaning and reconditioning so that the leather doesn’t dry out or get ruined.

You could also opt to use a solution of 70% rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. That will help in disinfecting and killing bacteria which may be present on the leather that soap and water might not be able to get to.

Any leather products that have been in contact with bodily fluids should be soaked in such a solution. And then rinsed and dried thoroughly, finishing off with a leather conditioner to ensure the life of your leather.

Even if a sex toy, such as a whip, does not come into contact with bodily fluids it is highly recommended that they be cleaned periodically. This even extends to blindfolds which might seem perfectly clean. But can be subjected to make up, forehead sweat and impurities from the eyes.

Kiwi Saddle Soap
leather cleaner

1. Saddle Soap

This is a specialty soap which not only cleans leather, but will also provide nourishment to the material as well. Saddle soap will typically contain ingredients which will clean the leather in the form of a mild soap. As well as containing ingredients which will help condition it. These ingredients might be bee’s wax, neatsfoot oil, lanolin and Glycerin.

To use saddle soap

  • You will need to begin by wiping down the product with a damp cloth.
  • From there you will need a second clean damp cloth to begin wiping the saddle soap into the leather to create a lather.
  • Small circular strokes with the lather will remove most impurities.
  • To remove the excess use a damp cloth and repeat the process as per necessary.
  • Once the leather has dried you might choose to buff it with a soft cloth which will give it a soft sheen.

2. Mink Oil

This is another good product that will assist in the cleaning of leather. It is made from the thick and fatter layer that minks will have under their skin. A rich source of palmitoleic acid.

This acid is very similar to the properties of human sebum which is an oily/waxy substance that is produced by the human body to provide waterproofness and lubrication to the skin.

Mink oil is primarily used in medical and cosmetic product. But also has fantastic properties for the treating, conditioning and the preserving of leather materials. Mink oil will increase the leather’s waterproofness and help in making it soft and supple.

Sharing Bondage Toys

Bondage toys, like other sex toys, should never be shared between play mates if it is coming into contact with bodily fluids.

For things like whips, paddles and other impact toys it will generally be fine to use on multiple partners in a scene. With the exception of a situation where there might be blood, semen, faeces or urine involved. If the plan of the day is to play with more than one person at a time, then the safest way is to ensure that each person will have their own set of toys.

Label each toy to remember whose who by asking them to wear a specific coloured item around their neck. Tying a coloured piece of string onto each toy, to help you remember. BDSM can be immense fun, but it does carry responsibilities.

How To Store Bondage Sex Toys

Never leave leather wet, and do not leave it in an area which is subjected to moisture. Leather should also not be in contact with direct sunlight where it can dry out and become brittle and ultimately break.

Storing your bondage gear might seem like a pain in the ass, but it is better not to just shove them all in a single box. Try separating them by materials. This will ensure that your proud elk hide whip isn’t going to be damaged by an errant Wartenberg wheel pricking the surface and damaging the whip.

Spots and Stains
Macbeth quote

Removing Stains And Smells In Leather Gear

Sweat is probably going to be your worst enemy when it comes to leather.

The body sweats and in a scene or play session you’re going to find that you or your playmate are going to sweat. Perhaps profusely. It is important that you keep your leather clean and washed to prevent sweat building up in the material.

If your leather has become a little stiffer than normal. Or there is a skin irritation as a result of wearing the leather you might discover that it has been subjected to sweat and not cleaned properly.

Hardening of the leather and an itchy reaction

Usually one of the first signs that the leather has been compromised by sweat. In order to clean this impurity out you will need to wash the leather in warm water. Use a baby shampoo or mild fabric softening to help revitalise the leather for bdsm and remove the offending sweat.

Sweat and other liquids might also cause an odour to occur within the leather.

Leather is simply not leather if it has an odour other than the traditional leather smell that makes your heart melt. To remove odours it is recommended that you use a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in about a litre of warm water.

Letting the solution soak into the skin of the leather and then rinsing thoroughly and washing the excess away and leaving the item to dry. If the liquid is being stubborn as is the case with various oils and oil based lubricants then you might opt for a slightly different method. Using baby shampoo or a similar kind of soap and add in a few spoonful’s of water, rubbing slowly with a damp cloth in small circular patterns.

This technique can help in removing the marks. Ensure that if you use this method that you’re rinsing thoroughly to remove all excess soap. Alternatively, you could go out to your local office supply store, grab some plain blackboard chalk and break up a small piece over the affected area of the leather. Leave the powder on for a full 24 hours, and then wash and rinse thoroughly.

Bodily Fluids Must be Removed Immediately

Blood and urine are two bodily fluids that must be cleaned off the leather immediately after play has finished. The acid that is found within leather can be exceptionally damaging to the leather and leaving such fluid in leather, even for more than a few hours and overnight, will be responsible for causing irreparable damage on your leather pieces.

If urine has come into contact with the leather it is imperative that it be washed immediately after the scene with warm soapy water or warm water and baby shampoo.

Blood stains require a little more urgency. If blood is allowed to dry onto leather, the fabric will become stiff and dry. If blood gets onto your leather clothing or leather gear you will need to hand wash it immediately and before it dries.

bdsm harnes
Leather harness

Tips And Tricks On Preserving Your Leather Products

To help in the preserving of your leather products, HellsC recommends that you continually apply leather conditions to your leather. Conditioners such as mink oil will work really well not only in the cleaning processes but additionally will aid in providing water repellent properties which will help prevent moisture build up and mildew development on your leather.

Continual contact with moisture in the form of water, sweat, urine, alcohol and other bodily fluids may result in the stiffening of the leather.

Because pieces of leather may be conditioned differently between brands or makers, it is advised that before you start cleaning a leather item that you test out the cleaner on a small inconspicuous area of the leather first.

Wait a few minutes for the cleaner to take effect, and rinse out thoroughly. If there are no marks, or colour distortions continue using the product over the entirety of the leather.

Leather is a sensitive product.

As such, never use strong detergents or cleaning agents which could result in the leather being damaged, marked or cause it to dry out. Laundry detergent is generally a big no-no, and will quickly deteriorate your leather.

Such products will dry out the leather quickly because they will strip and remove the leathers natural lubricating oils as opposed to preserving and supporting them.

Best cleaning agents

Are warm, soapy waters and baby shampoos. These will provide the greatest assistance in removing oils, stains and odours.

Rubbing baby shampoo into the area of an oily stain and then provide a thorough rinsing. If you find that a specific cleaner that you’re using is leaving a greasy residue, remove the residue by using a separate cleaner. Do not use the cleaner that leaves a residue again.

Residues will make the leather vulnerable to surface bacteria. Which could then permeate the leather. Eventually cause the stitching and leather to break down. Remove excess cleaning agents through the use of a damp cloth or a soft brush.

When drying leather

A direct heat source should never be applied. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been hanging it up in somewhere and an accident has occurred. And you’re due to leave for a scene/munch/gathering in half an hour.

Drying out your leather from any external source could stiffen the leather and/or damage it. Leather should always be air-dried. If you’re drying shoes or other pieces of leather which are hollow. Make sure that they’re stuffed so that they do not lose their shape.

Many bondage toys and leather clothing are expensive. So make sure you treat them well. Many bondage, especially leather items can last you a lifetime.

If you care for your toy, clean it properly and store it safely. You’ll get a lot of mileage out it. We hope you found how to clean your bdsm toys informative and helpful.

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