Why BDSM Is More Than Just Sexaul Pleasure

Sex itself is considered taboo in many cultures and is more than just sexual pleasure. And when it comes to BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism), it is even more frowned upon.

But things are changing now. BDSM is no more perceived as something that’s beyond boundaries. In fact, in recent times, BDSM relationships have been accepted as normal.

BDSM Is Becoming More Accepted

New-age couples are open to experimenting in the bedroom and stretch their limits when it comes to gaining sexual pleasure.

This has resulted in a wider acceptance of various sexual practices. Includes the use of sex toys, role play, BDSM bondage, an exhibition of physical and emotional power. And exploring individual sexual preferences at large.

But many people still consider BDSM as something that lies in the realms of fantasy sexual films. 50 Shades of Grey, a case in point. Or reserved for those with a demented mind. But it is far from true.

It is actually time to bust these BDSM myths. And get into a state where BDSM can be enjoyed for all the sexual pleasures and mental health benefits (yes, you heard it right) it provides. 

just sexual pleasure
BDSM Is More Than Just Sexual Pleasure

A Changing Perception of BDSM

Many of us still don’t know that BDSM has existed in human history for centuries. Couples have used this sexual technique as a way of exploring their consciousness, power, and control. And the dynamics of masculine and female energies in a romantic relationship.

Perception of BDSM being a taboo is surely changing in our modern, open-minded society.  With researchers and traditionalists now open to exploring BDSM psychology, it is being looked at in a completely new light.

Not only is society now exploring what BDSM is, but it is also acknowledging the benefits of BDSM like never before. 

Couples Are Embracing New Sexual Experiences

With couples becoming more open to embracing newer sexual experiences, things have never been so dramatic in the bedroom.  Today’s couples are inspired by pop culture. And a will to go beyond what has been defined for them for ages. They are now looking at new ways of exploring their sexuality. 

Dynamics of masculinity and femininity are being busted. Couples are no more scared of using sex toys or adopting other sexual practices that were before seen as abnormal.

In short, today’s couples are not afraid to express and experiment when it comes to achieving pleasure. 

all about bdsm and bondage
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BDSM Is More Than Just Sexual Pleasure

Our world has opened up to the benefits of healthy BDSM. More and more people are now accepting things as they are.

Benefits of BDSM 

  • BDSM reduces stress

Research has shown that BDSM couples experience a healthier lifestyle. Practicing BDSM has shown similar physical and mental benefits that yoga and running provide.

Such researches have proved to be path breakers in how BDSM is perceived in general. It has been seen that BDSM couples have lower cortisol (stress hormone) that helps in having lower blood pressure. And protects us from other ailments like suppressed immunity, and insulin resistance. 

  • Improves communication between couples

Various sex specialists now assert that practicing BDSM improves sexual relationships and communication between couples. People carefully plan out sexual acts keeping all safety measures in mind. And in the process, openly express their desires and feelings.

This opens up better communication between the two, which is the basis of a strong, healthy relationship.

  • It builds and deepens trust

Also believed that BDSM couples who follow this form of sexual practice have a deeper sense of trust for each other. Most BDSM journeys start with a frank and honest conversation about what both people in a relationship like.

Some experts also believe that being submissive or dominant in a consensual relationship is far from being exploitative in nature. In fact, giving in completely to each other. Physically as well as emotionally is one of the best ways of building a strong, meaningful, and trustworthy relationship. 

  • BDSM & mental health are interconnected

Since BDSM is believed to reduce stress, it also improves the mental health of those practicing BDSM. Being in a trustworthy, satisfactory, and emotionally dependent relationship results in a state of positive mental well-being. A fact that couples in a BDSM relationship are in complete trust of each other, improves their mental health. 

It is known that couples who enjoy a healthy sexual relationship are happier.

But those who are open to newer experiences and trying new things like role play, sex toys, and BDSM are happier.  Now that the overall perception about BDSM is changing and people are becoming more accepting of it, BDSM is no longer defined as taboo.

In fact, it is now seen as more than just a sexual practice. So, if you like it hot and happening, you know what to do. 

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